Character color design rough

Character color design rough

very rough color design. Yes, i only drew half its legs. Working on UV mapping now.


Roach model WIP

Here’s a model of my roach rig. It’s almost done, but it needs eyes and more detailed leg rigs.



Pitch bible

Sorry the cover is at the bottom of the post.

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Background 1

Above: This is my cover with a different lighting effect. I kind of like it better, but its harder to see the characters at the bottom.

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Toby deisgn for pitch bibal

the dots on the left were used to make the hair brush. I think I had more time making the M16 than Toby himself lol

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Pitch bibal


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Character and sidekick

For this project I decided to go with anteaters, since they’re my favorite animal, but I haven’t really made a giant anteater character yet. This would probably be for a video game. The setting would be during a south american carpenter ant invasion. The ants have grown to the size of bull terriers, and the best way to fight giant ants is with giant anteaters. Toby the Tamandua anteater is recruted to fight off the ants, and his teamate is a gaint anteater with lots of fighting experience named Hank. Toby is best with gun, specifically assult rifles. Hank is a close combat type who fights with his huge claws. They also ride in a tank.

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